Our Pastors

Carol Myers and Jeff Blackman are both graduates of Saint Paul School of Theology in Kansas City. Jeff has his D.Min. in spiritual formation from that institution as well.
Jeff was an English teacher prior to receiving a call into ordained ministry. He has been a pastor for over thirty years. Carol was an RN and PNP in her previous life. She started out as a Christian educator, which evolved into weekly preaching responsibilities. She has been a pastor for over twenty years.
Jeff is from Kansas originally and cheers on the Jayhawks at every opportunity. Carol grew up on a farm near Beaman and graduated from University of Iowa, to the dismay of her Cyclone family. This is a second marriage for them and they have a total of seven wonderful adult children and one amazing dog named Scout.
They are passionate about all things church and soaking up the beauty of creation at every opportunity.
First row:  Danita Janssen, Barb Winkels, Carol Myers, Jeff Blackman
2nd row: Jim Hamman, Linda Starr, Jane Schultz, Francis Fritz, Cheryl Growden

 Contact Information

NAME: Reverend Carol E Myers, Pasor
PHONE: 641-990-1970
EMAIL: carolmyers@ifumc.org
NAME: Reverend Dr. Jeff L Blackman
PHONE: 641-990-7646
NAME: Linda Starr, Office Manager
PHONE: 641-648-4607
EMAIL: if.fumc@gmail.com
NAME: Francis Fritz, AV Technician
PHONE: 641-640-0234
EMAIL: francis.barb.fritz@gmail.com
NAME: Barb Winkels, Custodian
PHONE 515-720-1118
EMAIL: jwinkels@wmtel.net
NAME: Jane Schultz, Communications/webmaster
PHONE: 515-689-5660
EMAIL: janeschultz@ifumc.org
NAME: Jim Hamman, Director of Music
PHONE: 515-943-3541
EMAIL: jimhammann@aol.com
NAME: Cheryl Growden, Choir Director PHONE:641-328-9015
EMAIL: cgrowden98@gmail.com
NAME: Danita Janssen, Christian Education Director
PHONE 641-373-4985
EMAIL: danitajanssen@ifumc.org