Serving as a leader in the church is also a way of going forth in the name of Jesus Christ. God may be calling you to serve as a member of a resource team or beyond the local church. God may be calling you to share your gifts as a lay speaker or to learn more about lay leadership at School for Lay Ministry. Ask a member of the clergy team about opportunities to use your spiritual gifts in leadership in our church.


Gathering Ministries

They focus on all things connected with worship in our church. There are a number of ministry teams connected with Gathering Sphere such as those that pick up the sanctuary after Sunday and change the paraments, communion steward, hospitality, etc.

Jan Hurd, Darla Smith, Cindy Nissly, Katie Regan, Erling Shultz, staff liaison 

Growing Ministries

This is about all things related to Christian education and small groups for all ages. Would you like to teach children or adults?

Val Clarke, Jennifer Granzow, Tim Smith, Melissa Crawford, staff liaison 

Going Ministries

This is for resources mission and ministry in our church, including the distribution of monies given for mission in our church.

Jamie Lofstedt, Shellie Moore co-chairs; Barb Winkels, staff liaison 

Resource Ministries

Church Council
This is the visioning body of our church. Each sphere is represented, as well as each resource team. Roger Nissly is  chair. 
Trustees –
They are responsible for the upkeep and care of the buildings and grounds, which includes the parsonage. They also receive bequests to the church. Memorial team works closely with trustees.
Trustees—Joe Scallon, Fran Buckel co-chairs; Randy Fiscus, Randy Smith, Cindy Burns, Duane Schultz, Weldon Ubben, Beau Carpenter, Melanie Kulow
Memorials—Diane Meier, chair; Sherri Windecker, Audrey Baldwin, Lana Hartl, Karen Musson, Linda Scallon
Staff-Parish Relations-
They are the liaison between the church and staff, whether it is setting salaries or helping work through any issues that need attention. Duane Kruckenberg, chair,  Linda Scallon , Amanda Ubben,  Tim Smith, Mike Swartzendruber
Finance team –
They leads our church into ever more faithful financial stewardship. Finance team also oversees our endowments and our scholarship team.
Finance—Mike Nissly, Tam Elerding, Treasurer—Mike Nissly· Financial Secretary—Linda Starr·
Service teams –
We have four service teams that serve in a variety of ways, whether it is funeral meals or special events or helping decorate for Christmas. This is a ministry opportunity for both men and women.
Dorothy Davenport and Vicki Swart, Linda Scallon, Sandy Johnson and Jan Hurd, Holly Meyer
Gathering Events Planning Team- Sara Sparks, Roxanne Lindquist, Jennifer Granzow, Linda Scallon, Crystal Doering, Emma Abbas, Missy Crawford, Amanda Ubben, Danita Janssen

Lay Leader

Duane Kruckenberg

Lay Speakers

Dave Elerding, Duane Kruckenberg,