Pastor’s Ponderings


So they went out and fled from the tomb….;

and they said nothing to anyone, …

                                                                                                                    Mark 16:8


show me a resurrection                                                                           Erling Shultz, April 2021

sometimes scripture just doesn’t suffice;

          expectations are left dangling

     and it seems time to revise

Mark’s ending is an unfulfilled story;

          tomb is empty and women are fleeing,

     where’s the proclamation, the glory?

I come anticipating (no, needing) a rising;

           my hopes already running on empty,

     give me at least something surprising


show me a resurrection


Mark’s not known as a writer supreme;

          sticks to the facts (no fluff to his stuff),

     presents the Gospel in a quick/urgent read

the others take space to include much more;

          Jesus alive, set loose on the world,

     walking, talking, and breakfast on shore

I’m left to find the Christ on my own;

          where’s he gone, with whom and what?

     I now search evidence of life seeds sown


show me a resurrection


wait! has this been some devious deception?

          of lifting Jesus up off the pages,

     to move me from a head to heart reception?

Mark now seems cleverer than originally assumed;

          the story indeed has no ending,

     but continues, ongoing, …resumed

the story returns to chapter one reading;

          engaging with Jesus again and again,

     at work preaching, teaching, and healing

show me a resurrection


Jesus goes before in all my wayward places;

          whether I like it or not,

     revealing the multifaceted Christ faces

no longer in the grave He can be easily found,

          at gravesite, bedside, pandemic ride;

    and those culturally/socially/religiously bound

I can seek that elusive narrative tale closure;

          but joyfully in the end,

     there is no escaping resurrection exposure