Pastor’s Ponderings


they set out; and there, ahead of them, went the star…until it stopped over the place…

they knelt down and paid homage…they left for their own country by another road.

                                                                                                                            Matthew 2:9-12



journey anew                                                                                       Erling Shultz, January 2022


we’ve traveled together for weeks,

          through this season of arrival;

     the star has now stopped,

     our guiding light grows dim,

where do we go now, from here?


the road trod was familiar terrain,

          comfortable, rehearsed, planned;

     yet what brought us here also tells

     fresh realities brought into being,

who are we now, from here?


journey’s have this way of transforming,

          altering vision, voices, perspectives;

     potential now shifting, status-quo is drifting,

     challenging choices may un-conform one,

how do we go now, from here?


we could take a prompt from the traveling wise

          who trusted a sense beyond their own;

     seek appreciation over stifling isms,

     seek imaginations over stale assumption,

     seek relationships over simple rationality,

          (take risks and explore the unknown)

ask and keep asking, find and keep finding, seems like a

way to go now, from here


we’ll travel together for weeks,

          through this season of revelation;

     on a path less certain or direct,

     discerning other signs attuned to the divine,

as we journey anew, from here