Gathering, Growing, Going, and Glowing for the Glory of God

Gathering Our love embraces all through radical hospitality and passionate worship. We are God’s beloved community, journeying together toward greater love, understanding and mutual respect because the way that we treat one another is the fullest expression of Christ’s love and light at work in our lives. We embrace Jesus’ message that God loves everyone and affirm that all persons are of sacred worth. Therefore, we celebrate and welcome all people and the gifts they bring to our community of faith…regardless. While there are differences among us, we can love alike though we may not think alike.
Growing We are intentional in faith formation and pursue transformation, together. We meet people where they are on life’s journey and offer companionship for the journey as we explore the deep, rich, wide and varied pathways to Christian discipleship. We believe passionate worship, thoughtful prayer, diligent study, and active small groups shape us in new and dynamic ways along our journey. We embrace opportunities to engage in faithful, vigorous and respectful conversation as we explore the application of faith to our daily lives. We welcome questions and invite the expression of honest doubt.
Going We are the Body of Christ set loose for risk-taking mission in the world. We work together with minds that love as Christ loved us, hearts that beat with passion, and hands and feet that are in synch with one another. God’s abundant grace that we experience cannot be contained inside the walls of our church but bursts forth, spreading like wildfire and overflowing like a river as we share all that we have received. We joyfully and humbly offer our time, our talents, and our gifts to bring healing and hope to those Jesus called the least of his brothers and sisters. We set people free to claim their spiritual gifts and to be in ministry; on a mission in their family, work, neighborhood, community and their world to make God’s kingdom vision a reality here and now.
Glowing We are ignited by the fire of the Holy Spirit, radiating God’s extravagant generosity. We are salt and light, agents of hope, instruments of healing, vessels of living water quenching the thirst of parched people and places. We come together to worship to be inspired, energized and empowered to return to the mission field where God has sent us, and to invite the people we meet there to join us in the embrace of the beloved community.